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Friday, November 16, 2018
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Mystery of India: The Secret Story of Bimbisara

India is the Country symbol of the oldest cultures of the world. Mystery of India uncountable. There are also hidden many secrets within India, which Vaegyanik, logician are debating today. The “land of mystery ‘We’ll talk some of these secrets that you must know. here Mystery of India the Mauryan ruler Bimbisara
Seeking treasures no longer notify, but Treasury does not get to everyone. Well then, the treasure hidden from the king of kings in India, but is not it easier to get a strike. Today we you are being told hidden about a similar treasure in India, which is valuable, but hitherto not found in a search.
While that is a small town of Rajgir in Bihar’s Nalanda located in the district is important in many ways. The town was Magadha capital in ancient times, is where Lord Buddha gave sermon to King Bimbisara of Magadha. The town is known especially for monuments associated with the Buddha, but another holds because the place where their historical significance.

Mystery of India Bimbisara:-

You tell yourself that Mason City Son the store cave with that which is said to have hidden valuable treasure, which found that no one discovered to date. It is reported that the priceless treasure Mauryan ruler Bimbisara but some people it also explains the former Magadha king Jrasng.
Although this is a matter of much evidence that it Safe Bimbisara because the cave has Ajatashatru his son Bimbisara on the remains of the prison where he was held captive by.

Sign Sone reserves cave only 10.4 meters long, 5.2 meters wide and comes in a chamber 1.5 meters high, it is said that it was the soldiers who protect are treasures. The back wall of this room is the way to reach the treasure.
But this is not easy to move forward on the path because the path has been entered off a huge Cttannuma door to door stone and found no one opened the door to today. Is written in shell script on a wall of the cave that could not be read until today. It is claimed that it is written only way to open the door.

Not only do some people also believe that the way to reach the treasure is to Saptaparni through Vabvgiri mountain sea caves, which Son store reaches the other side of the cave.

Again, This place is called  Mystery of India, it is said that the British had once tried to break up the rock cannon, but he did not break it. Mark cannon shells have built-in rock today.

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