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Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Country without taxes – Here you have no need to pay taxes

The world hardly be a person who does not want to consume all he earned from his labor money and do not want to get rid of tax. However in India in line with your income you have to pay taxes there are many countries in the world where you do not have to pay anyone for your income. There has been mention of a number of Country without taxes.

1.Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a developing Country without taxes and the country exports the most oil in the world. According to the country’s laws do not have any income of the citizens on citizens Although Saudi Arabia has to pay for Social Security and capital gains.


Citizens located in the Middle East, Kuwait is a Country without taxes where you do not have any income tax paid to the people here also have to pay a certain part of the Social Security. The owner of one-third of the oil in the world is achieved by exporting about 90 percent of oil revenues to Kuwait.


Country without taxes Bahrain’s population of 7 per cent of their income has to be deposited in the fund the government for Social Security and immigrants do not need to pay income tax on people to pay the share of revenue 1 percent. People of Bahrain on the exchange fee and must pay taxes on the house for rent.

4.United Arab Emirates

Country without taxes 30 per cent of the UAE’s GDP only has oil and gas derived from exports and make the citizens here do not pay any income tax and not just as someone to  benefits. Per person in this country is considered one of the highest income income world.


Country without taxes, If you will be the richest country in the study of per capita GDP statistics to queue world. Nevertheless, some of the citizens in the queue for social security to pay income tax of any kind is required to collect state revenues.


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