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Friday, November 16, 2018
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Assamese Bihu Festival and Its Significat

Bihu Festival is the main  festival Celebrated by Assamese people in  Assam. It’s not only the festival it is the symbol of love, peace and happiness Assam. Since the primary occupation of the people of the state is based on agriculture, a separate solar calendar is used to mark the change of season. It is the state festival of Assam and is celebrated with grandeur and zest. It is a festival that surpasses all caste, creed, religion and class barriers, when every Assamese comes together to celebrate this festival. There are there Bihu Festivals are  Celebrate on Assam depending upon the Season. Kati bihu, Magh bihu and Bohag Bohu. There was a story that first bihu was First performed in time of Rudra Sigha. Since 1696, when Ahom King Rudra Singha gave the festival of Bihu royal patronage for the first time by allowing it to be performed in the courtyard of Rang Ghar. But today in 21th century there are lots of Changes are done.

1. Bohag Bihu
Bohag Bihu is the main Fastival among all of them. In winter Season Environmental become​dry.  When Spring is coming in the middle month of April.  Environment gets a new life and Environment become Awesome. According​ go the  Hindu Calendar Start day that means the First day of of new year celebrated as Manuh bihu. The bohag bihu is started form the last day of the year of the previous year. Which is called Garu bihu or cow bihu, where the cows are washed and worshipped. Next day first day of New year is celebrated as a Manuh Bihu or human Bihu This is the day of getting cleaned up, wearing new cloths and celebrating and getting ready for the new year with fresh vigor. Bohag bihu is Celebrate for the whole week of New year.  Bohag bihu is called rangali bihu also because of its various colours.

2. Kati Bihu
Kati Bihu is Celebrite on the last day of the month of Ahin. It’s the time the paddy in the fields are in the growing stage and the granaries of the farmers are almost empty. This festival is Celebrite for only one day which is characterised by the lighting of earthen lamps near the Tulsi plants also in the paddy fields invoking nature’s blessings for the success of the crop. Kati bihu is called Kangali Bihu also because at that time paddy fields are empty and there is no feasting or rejoicing unlike the other two bihu.

3. Magh Bihu
Magh bihu cames on Middle month of January.  It is a harvest festival and marks the end of harvesting season. At that tume  granaries are full and there is a lot of feasting and eating during this period. Magh bihu also called Bhugali Bihu. Bhug means it’s time ot eat lots of things​. In this fastival community function is held in a temporary house known as Bhela ghar or Meji Ghar which is erected in the harvest field itself with bamboos and paddy-stubble. Next day people burn Magi and they offer their prayers to the God of Fire and mark the end of the harvesting year.

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